Minutes from "ARCNEM Monthly Meeting - 14 April 2011 at 6:00PM local" on 04/14/2011 - 18:00

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ARCNEM Monthly Meeting - 14 April 2011 at 6:00PM local from 04/14/2011 - 18:00 to 04/14/2011 - 18:00

K3NEM - - W3HEM - - W3GR
Amateur Radio Club of the National Electronics Museum
of the
14 April 2011
Monthly Meeting


John Paul Howell AA3WI Ted Bauer WA3AER
Tom Dalton KB3NHQ Ulis Fleming K3LU
Bill Thompson WT3B Gary Hendrickson W3DTN
Jim Smith AB3CA Jim Dressler KB3GSA
Chip Weems W4PBG Bob Gardenghi K3FQP
Steve Stitzer WA3ZWC John Johnston W3BE
Alvin Glusick K0IQE Alan Kealey KA3KQM
Gary Johney W3BYN Charles Hutchinson KB3UOJ
Chuck Angel AA3FB Jim Nowotarski N3GOO
Tim Titus W1TRT Laurie Knaack KB3ORF
Zack Goldstein WA2DRY Nick Yokanovich K3NY

Meeting chaired by John Paul Howell.

2. MINUTES – minutes from March meeting accepted, approved.

(a) Treasurer's Report - - Fred AI3Z
Fred is on travel. The following summary presented by Jim Nowotarski:

$1532 opening balance
$1382.34 closing balance
$12.00 membership dues received

Report accepted.

(b) Station Equipment and Operation Reports
i. Power Line Noise - - Rol K3RA
No report. Rol celebrating his birthday.

ii. Northrop Grumman Family Net, Wed. 3PM ET - - Chip W4PBG / Bob K3FQP
Bob, K3FQP, reported poor conditions for net (predominantly QSB), although line noise was low. 3 participants. Unable to copy local station, Chip, W4PBG.

iii. Equipment Issues
 Antenna/Rotator – parts received for rotator repair and delivered to NEM lab. Awaiting repair. Work party tentatively scheduled for 4/23.
 Henry amp – needs replacement resonating capacitor in power supply filter. Item ordered and received, but form factor differs from original; will need to fabricate custom hold-down straps. Recommend installing 208VAC circuit to obviate need for outboard isolation transformer and losses. The goal remains to have the amp ready for D-Day Special Event operations.
 PC memory – not purchased (assumption, lacking definitive input from Fred).

(c) QSL Report - - Nick K3NY –
4 new confirmations; our total is now 243. Unfortunately the recently received Taiwan QSL is addressed to “K3NEW.”

(d) FISTS Report - - Nick K3NY – no report

(e) FAR Report – no report. We have no FAR Representative.

(f) Training Report - - Jim N3GOO
Exam administered to 10 candidates; 7 passed.

(g) Special Event Report - - Gary W3DTN, Tim W1TRT
All museum equipment taken to Timonium hamfest was sold. Proceeds of $366 from sales given to museum. Thanks expressed to Gary for his time, space, et al.

(h) 2M Net Report - -
6 attendees last evening; this is typical attendance. Meets on Tuesday evenings @ 1930L on 146.76MHz repeater. Conducted in Q&A, discussion format. Net seems to be well received.

 Station Redesign: no report
 Rotating Exhibits: no report
 Club Badges: 3 badges remain for pickup from Ulis' last order.
 Int'l. IEEE Microwave Symposium: Steve Stitzer reports obtaining special event call sign. Hopes to conduct amateur radio demos – PSK and satellite possibilities being considered. Event is 5-10 June at the Baltimore Convention Center; ARCNEM is co-sponsor. Volunteer operators needed (daily before 1800L); contact Steve.
 Roof Access: no report; unknown if training date has been set.

 Field Day: initial planning discussion to be held at next 2m net. ACTION: Jim N. will place Field Day notice on reflector.
 D-Day Special Event: Information not submitted to QST, CQ for publication. ACTION: Ted will post to ARRL, CQ, QRZ web sites. Laurie to provide example information.
 Equipment for Disposition: 3 old laptops are up for disposition. ACTION: Jim N. will post items on reflector before final decision is made at May meeting.

Special Events:
 Upcoming Hamfests: Hagerstown Hamfest on 30 April

Technical presentations – Suggest or volunteer by contacting John Paul.
The planned presentation on ALE by Bruce McPherson is postponed due to family duties.
Heil Sound visit: Tom, KB3NHQ, visited Heil Sound in Fairview Heights, IL during the Christmas Holidays and gave attendees a slide presentation showing the facilities. The visit was hosted by Bob Heil, K9EID. Tom gave us background on Bob and also offered to loan the book and organ music CD that he brought back.

Next regular meeting: 12 May at 6:00PM local time.
Respectfully submitted by Ted Bauer, WA3AER

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