Minutes from "Monthly Meeting - 14 July 2011, 6PM ET, at National Electronics Museum" on 07/14/2011 - 18:00

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Monthly Meeting - 14 July 2011, 6PM ET, at National Electronics Museum from 07/14/2011 - 18:00 to 07/14/2011 - 18:00

K3NEM - - W3HEM - - W3GR
Amateur Radio Club of the National Electronics Museum
of the
July 2011
Monthly Meeting


Bill Thompson WT3B Steve Stitzer WA3ZWC
Mike Birdseye K4DUM Samuel Bryant WC3SAM
Chuck Angel AA3FB Nick Yokanovich K3NY
Jim Nowotarski N3GOO Ted Bauer WA3AER
Tom Dalton KB3NHQ Chip Weems W4PBG
Gary Hendrickson W3DTN Fred Heath AI3Z
Tom Christovich K3YH Alvin Glusick K0IQE
Jim Smith AB3CA John Paul Howell AA3WI
Jim Dressler KB3GSA Rol Anders K3RA

Meeting chaired by John Paul Howell, President.

2. MINUTES – minutes from June meeting accepted, approved with pending correction to May/June balances in Treasurer’s Report.

(a) Treasurer's Report - - Fred AI3Z
April bank statement balance: $1394.34
June income: 18.00
June ending balance: 1437.18
Pending deposit: 310.00 from March hamfest
Membership: 60 members
Treasurer’s report accepted

(b) Station Equipment and Operation Reports
i. Power Line Noise - - Rol K3RA
BGE efforts in June appear to have resolved noise problem. Rol will advise BGE
Glenn Booth received commendation for his efforts from BGE.

ii. Northrop Grumman Family Net, Wed. 3PM ET - - Chip W4PBG / Bob K3FQP
No noise the past 3 wks; propagation is having more impact. Noted that if SLC is good here, it has been bad to CA; and vice versa.
Chip reported on offer of equipment from W9EVT. Discussion being handled by NEM.

iii. 2M net, Wed. 7:30PM ET - - Ted WA3AER
Steady participation of 5-6 check-ins. Net is running smoothly, but NCS rotation is desired.

iv. Equipment Issues
• Antenna – 2nd rotator awaiting repair.
• Henry Amp – now in service and getting good on-the-air reports. Tube fund receiving $300 from HT sales. Agreed to consider selling other unused assets and banking for new tube. N3GO expressed interest in purchasing Kenwood TL-922 amplifier.
• TNC – upgrade cost not determined after gurus discussed and agreed that digital modes can be done less expensively using current gear and sound card software (e.g, Rigblaster USB, etc.). Current thinking is TNC is unnecessary to station operation.

(c) QSL Report - - Nick K3NY –
Many more D-Day requests for certificate received than previously. $130 income. Certificate redesign completed.
261 DXCC confirmations - 10 new (11?); making good progress toward 5-Band DXCC.
T31 DXpedition did not find us in their log.

(d) FISTS Report - - Nick K3NY
Nick appears on the cover of latest FISTS publication.

(e) FAR Report – no report. We still need a FAR Representative.

(f) Training Report - - Rol K3RA
General Class course starts in Sep. CW class/practice is typically offered for 30 min. prior to classes. Rol considering also holding an Operating class.
One of Rol's students wants to learn about satellite communications. (Could this be a demo/presentation?)

(g) Special Event Report - - Field Day 2011
22 people attended this year.
Maintained operations on 3 stations around the clock. Made 1574 QSOs, compared to 1308 last year.
2 Honda generators provided power. These were well liked and did a very good job. Plus they are quiet.
New site and antenna layout worked well.
Some digital operation on 20M PSK31. Should we have a dedicated digital station next year?

• Station Redesign: no report
• Rotating Exhibits: The QST Challenge winner is now on display.
• Equipment Disposition Committee: Rol A., Jim N., Sam B., and Fred H. volunteered to run committee. Committee then named Sam B. as chair.
• PC Upgrades: Still being worked on as Fred gets time.
• Equipment Donations: Gary H. will provide a copy of MARS policy for comparison. TR-7 received; and the committee will decide on its disposition. Possibilities: donate to needy user; donate to high school radio club; and sell, putting proceeds into tube fund.
• Roof Access: no date set. A RF hazard light must be installed on the roof first.
• NEM Twitter: Tom C. has no word from Alice; Tom C. will follow up with her.
• Visitor Operators: Chip will follow up on Strays article for QST.
• Equipment Storage: need to clean out things in the display bordering the station and place in storage area.

• September Secretary: Ted B. is on vacation for the September meeting and needs a stand in. Ted will send request to Laurie K.
• 9/11 Special Event: Ted B. reintroduced the subject. After member discussion, decided not to add to our calendar. Members forwarded the idea of commemorating Electronic Warfare in April 2012. No action.
• SDRCube Presentation: George H., N2APB, agreed to make a presentation. Members agreed to have the presentation at November meeting. Ted B. will coordinate with presenter.

Special Events:
• Upcoming Hamfests: BRATS, 17 July, Howard County Fairground

Technical presentations – Suggest or volunteer by contacting John Paul.
• Henry Amplifier and Operation: Jim N. explained the theory and operation of the Henry linear amplifier now attached to the Yaesu transceiver. There is a table of settings for each HF band posted at the operating position. These settings assume the beam antenna as the RF radiator.

Next regular meeting: 11 August 2011 at 6:00PM local time.
Respectfully submitted by Ted Bauer, WA3AER

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