Minutes from "Monthly Meeting - 10 May 2012, 6PM ET, at National Electronics Museum" on 05/10/2012 - 18:00

Minutes for:

Monthly Meeting - 10 May 2012, 6PM ET, at National Electronics Museum from 05/10/2012 - 18:00 to 05/10/2012 - 18:00

K3NEM - - W3HEM - - W3GR
Amateur Radio Club of the National Electronics Museum
of the
10 May 2012
Monthly Meeting


Ted Bauer WA3AER Jim Dressler KB3GSA
Steve Stitzer WA3ZWC Chip Weems W4PBG
George White W3GJW Fred Heath AI3Z
Jim Nowotarski N3GOO Bob Gardenghi K3FQP
Alvin Glusick K0IQE Phil Bernacke KB3WDI
Chuck Hutchinson KB3UDJ Nick Yokanovich K3NY
Edgar Green KB3YEI Gary Cusack KB3YMQ
Jim Smith AB3CA John Barker KB3UTA
Tim Titus W1TRT

Meeting chaired by Jim Dressler, V.P.
2. MINUTES – minutes from April 2012 meeting accepted, approved

(a) Treasurer's Report - - Fred AI3Z
February ending balance: $2970.10
Current bank balance: 3026.92
Current assets: 3057.36
Tube fund: 720.00 (est.)
Report accepted, approved.
Moved, approved $200 donation to NEM for 2012; treasury will transfer prior to 1 June.
(b) Station Equipment and Operation Reports
i. Power Line Noise - - experiencing intermittent noise
ii. Northrop Grumman Family Net, Wed. 3PM ET - - Chip W4PBG / Bob K3FQP
Recently having issues copying NG7SL (Salt Lake). Typ. 6 check-ins. Station getting good audio, signal reports.
iii. 2M Net, Wed. 7:30PM ET - - Ted WA3AER
Poor response to NCS support request. Plan to solicit on month-to-month basis for Summer.
Ted will forward NCS request to Jim N. at his work address.
iv. Equipment Issues
• Henry linear amp – Rol replaced RF cable between FT-920 and Henry; noted improved drive and output on 15M.
(c) QSL Report - - Nick K3NY –
302 DXCC confirmations; latest confirmations include Somalia, Socotra Is.
Approved $108 expenditure of fees for QSLs submitted to ARRL.
35 confirmations on 80M likely, with many new from NAQP 2012.
(d) FISTS Report - - Nick K3NY – no report
(e) FAR Report – no report. We still need a FAR Representative.
(f) Training Report - - Jim N. reports 21 Technician Class candidates started course.
(g) Special Event Report - - D-Day and Midway commemorations set for June 1-9. Operators needed. No volunteers.
Titanic Event operated both days, nominally 0900-1700L. Over 2000 QSOs.

• Inventory: Tom C. out of town, unable to present status.
• DX4WIN: Steve S. reports no change
• Digital Picture Frame: none of the involved parties in attendance to report status.
• 220VAC station power: Jim N. to see that work order is issued.

• Reflector/listserv: several members report not receiving emails, but can send. A few have been receiving “dunning” notices. Ted will contact Zack. (NOTE: “Dunning” notice issue resolved)
• 75M Net: Jim N. proposed idea of having a weekend net. Discussed; no resolution. Jim to further explore.
• Field Day: first round of planning is this evening’s program

• Announcements: Armed Forces Day Crossband Test on 12 May 2012
• Special Events:
• Upcoming Hamfests: MD FM Assn., HoCo Fairground, 27 May 2012.

7. Technical presentations – Suggest or volunteer by contacting John Paul.
• Field Day 2010 Planning Session 1: conducted by Jim N.

Next regular meeting: 14 June 2012 at 6:00PM local time.
Respectfully submitted by Ted Bauer, WA3AER

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