Minutes from "Monthly Meeting - 14 March 2013, 6PM ET, at National Electronics Museum" on 03/14/2013 - 18:00

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Monthly Meeting - 14 March 2013, 6PM ET, at National Electronics Museum from 03/14/2013 - 18:00 to 03/14/2013 - 18:00

K3NEM - - W3HEM - - W3GR
Amateur Radio Club of the National Electronics Museum
of the
14 March 2013
Monthly Meeting


John Paul Howell AA3WI Fred Heath AI3Z
Ted Bauer WA3AER Alvin Glusick K0IQE
Steven Stitzer WA3ZWC Tom Dalton KB3NHQ
Jim Dressler KB3GSA Gary Hendrickson W3DTN
Dennis Buckler W3DEN Phil Bernache KB3WDI
Gus White W3GJW Jim Nowotarski N3GOO
Tim Titus W1TRT Chip Weems W4PBG
Jim Smith AB3CA Jim Williams K3JTW
Melenie Maule K3ECR John Ruark
Patrick North Charles Estes
Maura Estes
Meeting chaired by John Paul Howell, President.

2. MINUTES – minutes from February 2013 meeting accepted, approved.

(a) Treasurer's Report - - Fred AI3Z
February starting balance $3439.68
February closing balance $3562.68
Tube fund total $1086; $146 received this month
18 new members; total now 60
(b) Station Equipment and Operation Reports
i. Northrop Grumman Family Net, Wed. 3PM ET - - Alvin K0IQE / Chip W4PBG / Bob K3FQP
6-12 check-ins remain typical. Good conditions reported yesterday. No net previous week due to “snow” having closed NEM. Alvin did try to open from home.
ii. 2M Net, Wed. 7:30PM ET - - Ted WA3AER
4 check-ins; number has been dropping. Tim needs swap for next week; N3GOO will do. Tim will do 4th week of March.
iii. Equipment Issues
• Rotator - still sticking some of the time. Can be un-stuck by jogging controls. Ant. points in proper direction.
• GAP - guys need to be replaced. Look for line at Timonium?
• HCS - Alvin will take a look at testing and connecting to Yaesu.
(c) QSL Report - - Nick K3NY
One QSL/certificate sent to NG net requestor (WB6WGS). Certificate modeled after Giant Wuerzburg from 2008.
(d) FISTS Report - - Nick K3NY – no report
(e) FAR Report – no report.
(f) Training Report - - VE help for Apr.2 likely; stay tuned for notice. Operating Class will be held this Spring starting 16 April: Tech Class next Fall. CARA Tech Class likely in Apr.-May.
(g) Special Event Report - - Pearl Harbor info submitted to ARRL and CQ. ARRL ACK rcvd.

• Station Redesign: Tom C. not present; no word.
• 220VAC Station Power: awaiting quote. Jim N. continues to remind his contact.
• W3GR License: renewal received.
• Reflector: Alvin sent out email about his findings with comcast.net. Jim S. suggested adding list email address to one’s address book. Suggestion made to modify Subject key word; John Paul will follow up.
• ATV: no progress. May be tabled until FD digital traffic exploration is completed.
• FD Digital Traffic: Ted B. is researching alternatives to move messages from NBEMS to NTS. Rules prohibit Telnet/Internet. Jim N. suggested looking into AGWPE.

• Radio Merit Badge Day: will be Mar. 23. Assistants needed. Contact Gary Mauler.
• Robotics Merit Badge Day: also Mar. 23. Assistants needed. Contact Gary Mauler.

Special Events:
• RoboFest: Apr. 27 at NEM
• Upcoming Hamfests
o BARC/GBHC: Apr. 6, Timonium
o York Hamfest: Apr. 13, Porters Community Fire Company
o Greater Hagerstown Hamfest: May 4, Washington County Agricultural Center

7. Technical presentations – Suggest or volunteer by contacting John Paul.
• Modern Tubes and Power Amplifiers: presented by Jim Nowotarski, N3GOO. Explained types of tubes and common amplifier configurations with examples.

Next regular meeting: 11 April 2013 at 6:00PM local time.
Respectfully submitted by Ted Bauer, WA3AER

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