Minutes from "Monthly Meeting - 8 August 2013, 6PM ET, at National Electronics Museum" on 08/08/2013 - 18:00

Minutes for:

Monthly Meeting - 8 August 2013, 6PM ET, at National Electronics Museum from 08/08/2013 - 18:00 to 08/08/2013 - 18:00

Amateur Radio Club of the National Electronics Museum
of the
8 August 2013
Monthly Meeting

Chuck Angel AA3FB
Phil Bernache WQ3K
Tom Christovich K3YH
Jim Dressler KB3GSA
Ulis Fleming K3LU
Zory Glaser KB3VQC
Alvin Glusick K0IQE
Gary Hendricks W3DTN
John Paul Howell AA3WI
Melenie Maule K3ECR
Jim Nowotarski N3GOO
Jim Smith AB3CA
Steve Stitzer WA3ZWC
Gus White W3GJW
Jim Williams K3JTW

Meeting chaired by John Paul Howell, President.
2. MINUTES – July minutes initially accepted with one minor “diskette term” error and approved. Later, club discussions revealed errors in the July Meeting Minutes requiring corrections. Both additional errors pertain to the Field Day Wrap Ups notes.
a) Corrections to July Minutes:
i. Diskette Term Error Operations Class “DVD” should read Operations Class “CD”.
ii. Field Day Wrap Ups
➢ Error in Equipment Borrow Notation – July Meeting Minutes read: “Club will not borrow Gary’s equipment again.” Per John Paul H. this statement shall be removed from the July Meeting Minutes. Comment was just a suggestion and no decision was actually proposed, voted upon, or accepted by club members.
➢ Damaged Goods Description Clarification July Meeting Minutes shall be modified to clarify confusion regarding description of Gary’s damaged goods. Description needs to clearly specify damage to eight (8) tables estimated to be 6’ in size, not computer tables as was misinterpreted by a number of club members.
a) Treasurer's Report - Fred AI3Z
No Report Received, however, per e-mail distributed, no basic funding change from June. Therefore, June’s funding shown below for July.
June ending assets: $3,506.68
June Bank balance: $3,493.12
b) Station Equipment and Operation Reports
i. Power Line Noise --Noise was low at S1 on Friday – 8/2. Noise now up to S9. Alvin G. baffled.
ii. Northrop Grumman Family Net, Wed. 3 PM ET –Alvin, K0IQE / Chip, W4PBG / Bob, K3FQP
Per Alvin G. net has been normal. However, several weeks of poor propagation experiences with West Coast neighbors. Averaging 8-12 check-ins per week.
iii. 2M Net, Wed. 7:30 PM ET – Ted, WA3AER
Six (6) check-ins on August 7. Net going well per Ulis F.
iv. Equipment Issues – by Alvin G. with Roof Photographs Taken 8/2/2013.
Note: Alvin G. gave a Slide Show and more detailed report following the July Club Meeting adjournment. Slide Show notes are documented herein under the “News and Announcements” section. Photos shall be posted to the station PC for members’ reference.
Equipment report given by Alvin G. during the club meeting is as follows:
➢ ATV – Antenna re-aligned by Rol A. Roof photographs conclude realignment correction achieved.
➢ FT-920 –Is the result of changing impedance due to beam antenna issues. After the Henry was retuned, FT920 operation appears normal per Alvin G..
➢ GAP – Guy line anchor replacement completed by Alvin G.
➢ Misalignment of VHF/HF – Misalignment between VHF and HF not a big issue based on roof photographs and per consensus of photos reviews by club members.
➢ Rotator no issues last three (3) weeks.
➢ Signal Strength – Warren,– K6WKW, from Wednesday Family net, noticed a frequency change of 5Hz increased signal strength. Based on this report, while on the roof Saturday, 8/10, Alvin G. plans to connect a high powered dummy load to Henry, making appropriate observations and checking different frequencies.
➢ Spark Arrester – Plans are to reinstall spark arrester on roof – Saturday, 8/10.
➢ Traps Process of elimination now points to possible bad traps as the VSWR contributor, Alvin G. is currently exploring pricing and availability of replacement traps. Jim N. states he has a network analyzer and can check. Thank You to Alvin for his persistence in diagnosing the X& antenna problem.
c) QSL Report –Nick K3NY – No Report.
d) FISTS Report –Nick K3NY No report.
e) Training Report Publication of Operations Class CD expected to be available and distributed by September 12 club meeting. Technician Class begins September 10 (9/10) at 6:30 p.m..
f) Special Event Report --No report. However, Jim N. believes some QSLs were received by Nick.
a) Station Redesign – Previously, an intern was prepping a financial grant request to ARRL to fund radio station/display changes. Tom C. located the original draft request and is willing to revamp for submittal or maintain status quo and replace tables with steel frames providing more leg room underneath the current workstation/display. Per Melenie M. is it possible that Volunteers for Medical Engineering (VME) might assist in such a redesign for handicap accessibility for free? Tom to pursue moving forward with ARRL grant and thoughts regarding future station redesign. Melenie contacting VME for possible assistance.
b) 220VAC Station Power – No update.
c) ATV – No Report.
d) ARRL Video Display – Discussions regarding possible future display content dangled on the topic of producing an updated loop or video. It was mentioned that placing a timer on any new station equipment for working hours operation only, may help preserve station equipment life and conserve energy. John H, to come up with a proposed one page regarding thoughts to move forward on the ARRL Video Display issue.
e) Tower Grounds – Alvin G. sees no problems. Alvin G. states connection currently appears brand new. Jim W. observed original connection issue and now concludes with Alvin G. that current connection appears new. Issue no longer exists and is closed.
 Stand-in Secretary needed for August meeting. Melenie volunteered and filled in for Ted B. using Ted B’s basic outline.
 Gary’s Equipment Damage, Replacements and Payment Offer Change
• Damage: Eight (8) tables estimated to be 6’ in length were improperly stored during Field Day tear down and consequently ruined due to moisture absorption into the particle board table tops prior to Gary’s retrieval and possession.
• Club Responsibility, Not a Personal One: Steve S. proposed that it is unfair for Jim N. to personally pick up the responsibility and compensate Gary for new tables. It was further stated the tables were loaned to the club as a whole, with multiple members participated in their Field Day usage. Likewise, it is the responsibility of those using the equipment, in this case the club and its members, to properly care for and store this equipment until equipment is returned to the care of its owner, Gary. Lastly, Steve S. stated that if as “Field Day Chairman” Jim N. is allowed to personally take responsible for the equipment damaged by ARCNEM club members for Field Day, the likely hood of obtaining future Field Day Chairman volunteers would be severely hindered.
• Motion for ARCNEM Club Funding to Pay for Table Replacements: Steve S. put forth a motion that the ARCNEM club treasury pick-up replacement table damage expenses and alleviate Jim N. of any personal responsibility and/or payment as Field Day Chairman. Chuck A. seconded Steve S.’s motion and motion passed with one (1) club member voting abstain – Jim N.
• Motion for ARCNEM Club Treasury to Pay for All Ten (10) New Matching Replacement Tables: Though eight (8) tables out of the ten (10) loaned by Gary were damaged. John Paul H. subsequently proposed a motion to amend the original carried motion to pay for Gary’s eight (8) tables through ARCNEM club funding. Instead John Paul H. proposed an amendment offering to pay for all ten (10) new tables approximately 6’ in size, so all Gary’s tables will once again match in terms of height and width. Further, it was stipulated that table sizes are to be checked with Gary prior to purchase. Gus W. seconded this amended motion and stipulation. The motion carried to purchase all ten (10) new tables for Gary from the ARCNEM club funds.
• Special Events
i. Upcoming Hamfests
➢ Shelby Hamfest – Shelby – NC – August 31 – September 1. Melenie M. sent out flier in pdf form via club reflector. Receipt confirmed by several club members.
➢ Carroll County Tail Gate Fest - Sunday – August 18th – from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. – Front Lot of the Carroll Agricultural Center – Tickets $5.
➢ Maryland QSO Party this weekend, August 10-11, 2013
ii. Technical Presentations Suggest or volunteer by contacting John Paul H..
iii. Field Day 2013 Wrap Up – See Section 2 – Minutes herein for previously reported July Minute Meeting errors and changes. Second, see New Business section herein under Gary’s Equipment Damage, Replacements and Payment Offer Change.
iv. Post-Club Meeting Antenna Noise Assessment, Roof Photographs and Slide Show of Club Equipment Observations – Roof photograph Slide Show with excellent, clear, up close photos taken 8/2/2013 provided and narrated by Alvin G. Notes regarding equipment observations documented below for future reference:
➢ 2 Meter Ringo: Is bent and shoved against the base.
➢ ATV Antenna: In good shape.
➢ ATV Cable: Is spliced, but protected and appears fully sealed. No concern.
➢ Cabling Box: No purpose in removing box. Box is grounded to tower. Box does have a hornet nest in it. Further, some shoddy cabling was detected.
➢ Electrical Box: Is currently pulling away from the building. The electrician has since been notified and box attachment corrected and reattached to building. Visually verified by Alvin G. Issue closed.
➢ Feed Line: Feed line was noticed wrapped around a building camera and has since been corrected and visually verified by Alvin G.. Issue closed.
➢ Misalignment of 2 M HF Beams: Not significant nor worth concern per Alvin G and agreed by club member consensus after photographic review of beams.
➢ Roof Photographs: Alvin G. requests roof photographs be posted on station’s PC for members reference. Jim W. accidentally ended up with disk in his personal laptop after club slide show. Melenie M. now has disk and will return at next club meeting so photos can be posted and reviewed by club members as requested.
Next Regular Meeting: 10 September 2013 at 6:00 PM local time.
Respectfully submitted by Melenie Maule, K3ECR, filling in for Ted Bauer WA3AER and reviewed and corroborated by Ted Bauer, WA3AER prior to submittal.
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