Minutes from "Monthly Meeting - 8 January 2015, 6PM ET, at National Electronics Museum" on 01/08/2015 - 18:00

Minutes for:

Monthly Meeting - 8 January 2015, 6PM ET, at National Electronics Museum from 01/08/2015 - 18:00 to 01/08/2015 - 18:00

K3NEM - - W3GR
Amateur Radio Club of the National Electronics Museum
MINUTES of the 8 January 2015
Monthly Meeting


Ted Bauer WA3AER
Fred Heath AI3Z
Nick Yokanovich K3NY
Zory Glaser KB3VQC
Alvin Glusick K0IQE
Steve Stitzer WA3ZWC
Mike Birdseye K4DUM
Kathleen Foster KC3DSR
Rich Bumgarner W7HGE
Phil Bernache WQ3K
Al Seifert KB3YXA
Fred Kuss KA3CXQ
Jim Smith AB3CA
Jim Nowotarski N3GOO
Jim Williams K3JTW
Bob Gardenghi K3FQP
Melenie Maule K3ECR

Mike B, K4DUM, chaired the meeting.

MINUTES – minutes from December’s meeting accepted, approved.

Treasurer's Report - - Fred Heath, AI3Z
Bank balance - $2658.11 currently (does not include last month’s activity)
Tube Fund is allocated $1408
Station Equipment and Operation Reports
Northrop Grumman Family Net, Wed. 3PM ET - - Alvin K0IQE / Bob K3FQP
Station is exhibiting some noise. The omni-directional beam is rather omni-directional.
2M Net, Wed. 7:30PM ET - - Mike K4DUM
Low participation; no new NCS volunteers. Discussed either dropping the net or changing format. Format suggestions: Recent on air operations; Participation in other net/club activities to foster cross-feeding information from the ham community; “Today in history”. Will try new ideas in January. MikeB will handle NCS roster.
Station Equipment / Issues
X7 Repairs: no info on bucket lift availability; MikeB will follow up with MikeS and see if there are options for near future. DanZ offered use of his rope saw to remove offending tree limb. Should we investigate a Hazer for the tower to ease antenna work? (WTH is a “Hazer?”)
ATV: no work performed.
QSL Report - - Nick K3NY – TedB read Nick’s email report. Pearl Harbor event netted 706 QSOs. 78 QSOs on 12/5, 290 QSOs on 12/6 and 338 QSOs on 12/7. QSL/certificate requests arriving. Nick distributed certificates to the event participants. Incurred expenses of $36 and received $46 in donations.
FISTS Report - - Nick K3NY – no report
Training Report - - TedB will update Web site. Melenie to check on the class dates. [Note: Testing by the Maryland Mobileers on 1/27/15. Extra Class starts on February 3rd.]
Special Event Report - - see QSL Report.
New car to be awarded in the February meeting. (-. --- -)
(.- .-. . -.-- --- ..- .- .-.. .-.. .--. .- -.-- .. -. --. .- - - . -. - .. --- -. ..--..)

Chip Weems Memorial: TedB and DanZ have inherited the task (we subsequently drafted KathleenF). Mike B will contact scholarship donors to determine their wishes. TedB to lead the effort for the graphic. Cost is estimated to be between $275 and $350.
Club Bank Account: Looking into Sun Trust. Plan to resolve and make transition in the future.
Kid’s Day: TedB organized the ARRL event, jointly hosted by NEM and ARCNEM on 4Jan.2015. Had a good turnout of approximately 50 visitors. No lost children.

NAQP: Melenie will determine interest via reflector. To be held January 17th, 1PM to 1AM.
Video Conference Capability: MikeB proposed the idea. Possible options: Skype, GoToMeeting. Capability would enable remote attendance, remote presentations, and provide NEM use as well. JimW offered to explore CalLab interest in a full-blown system.
2015 Officer Elections: President, Vice President, and Treasurer unopposed, and existing officers have agreed to serve. Secretary position remains open for 2015. Moved that President, with advice and consent of his fellow officers, be allowed to appoint a Secretary. No takers, so the president unilaterally tripled the going Secretary salary and added the use of the ARCNEM Lear Jet.
NEM Collaboration: MikeB proposed the broad idea of joint NEM-ARCNEM activities and using ARCNEM as an advertising vehicle to promote the museum. Immediate ideas: QST article; Ham Class/Day.
Proposed Project List: Video conferencing, Remote control for the ARCNEM station, YouTube videos of the ARCNEM and the museum, new computers for the station, and Bucket truck for tower maintenance.
Donation to the Maryland FM Association: Club to donate $100 to the MFMA to recognize their support for our Wednesday night nets. Mike B. to send a check and a letter.

Upcoming Hamfests: Post Holiday Hamfest - 25Jan.2015, Odenton Fire Hall, MD Mobileers
Frostfest – 7Feb.2015, Richmond Raceway Complex, VA, http:// http://frostfest.com/wp/
Orlando Hamcation – 13-15Feb.2015, Orlando, FL, http:// http://www.hamcation.com/

Technical presentations – Suggest or volunteer by contacting MikeB.
A synopsis of your presentation could appear here.

Next regular meeting: 12 February at 6:00PM local time.
Respectfully submitted by wannabee Secretary, Mike Birdseye, K4DUM

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