Minutes from "Club Meeting - Mar. 12" on 03/12/2009 - 18:00

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Club Meeting - Mar. 12 from 03/12/2009 - 18:00 to 03/12/2009 - 18:00

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K3NEM -- W3HEM -- W3GR
Amateur Radio Club of the National Electronics Museum
of the
12 March 2009
Monthly Meeting

Meeting was called to order at 6:02 p.m. by club president John Paul Howell, AA3WI.


AA3WI John Paul Howell
AB3CA Jim Smith
AI3Z Fred Heath
K3FQP Bob Gardenghi
K3JJD Charles Seggie
K3LU Ulis Fleming
K3RA Rol Anders
K3YH Tom Christovich
KA3OGG Bud Sinor
KB3GSA Jim Dressler
KB3JHC Allen Flinchum
KB3NHQ Tom Dalton
KB3ORF Laurie Knaack
KD3JF Paul Gates
N3GOO Jim Nowotarksi
W1TRT Tim Titus
W3DTN Gary Hendrickson
W3MPN George Asaki
W3WVV Heru Walmsley
W4PBG Chip Weems
WA2DRY Zack Goldstein
WA3ZWC Steven Stitzer
WB3CGE Gary Mauler
WT3B Bill Thompson
WZ3A Robert Beasley

The minutes from the 12 February 2009 meeting were approved.

(a) Treasurer's Report -- Fred Heath, AI3Z
We started March with $ 1109.60.

(b) Station Equipment and Operation Reports

i. Northrop Grumman Family Net, Weds 3pm -- Chip Weems, W4PBG
Chip reports that the net has been good except for a particular week in the past month, the first time in 3 years that the station here has been unable to reach the west coast. Although the station here was able to reach Hawaii, the west coast net contact was not able to get through to us; they could hear us and we could not hear them.

ii. Monthly Power Line Noise Report -- Rol Anders, K3RA
Rol has continued to follow up on this with the Public Service Commission and BGE. Last reply from BGE was that everything that could be done without an outage had been done, and so expected to schedule an outage to do some work before the end of March. Stay tuned.

iii. Antenna Issues, if any; items for possible Antenna Work Party
We plan to discuss this further at the April meeting in time to schedule a work party.
* Last month we mentioned the 160m and Heru’s preamp. Heru’s preamp is not ready yet as of March.

iv. Station Equipment Issues, if any
* Jim Nowotarski N3GOO still has the interface box for the Ten-Tech out for repair and will have it ready for the next special event.
* The missing hand mike seems to have reappeared.
* A desk microphone is out for repair - Fred Heath AI3Z still has it.
Problems with our Yaesu FT-920:
* The problem with the 920 is not “going dead,” as erroneously described in February minutes; rather, the sensitivity goes down/signal drops by several S-units. Rol describes that it is harder to tell that it is happening than if the receiver were to go dead. The problem has been temporarily remedied on occasion by a light impact (dropping the 920 gently down on the table).
* Last month we asked Jim Nowotarski N3GOO to investigate the possibility of selling our 920 and buying Norm Smith’s Omni-7 from Robyn.
o The results were that approximately 50 members at $50 each might be needed to buy the Omni-7 at a discount retail price.
o Does the Omni have 6 meters? Yes.
* Discussion followed about the possibility of repairing the 920.
o The club has a substitute radio, an Omni-5, that can be used at the station if repairing the 920.
o A motion did not pass to ask members to donate $50 each in order to buy the Omni-7. About 12 members said they might be willing to donate such an amount.
o A motion passed to attempt fixing the 920.
* Gary W3DTN and Heru W3WVV will look into repairing the 920 and will ask expert “Motorcycle Bob” Curry about possible solutions.

(c) Training Report -- Rol Anders, K3RA
Rol is teaching an Operating class based on topics from the ARRL Operating Manual, through the end of March.
The Technician class is scheduled to start April 7th. As many as 19 students total may attend. The class will be approximately 10 weeks long with an exam at the end (likely at beginning of June).

(a) E-mail from Colin Ramirez
Colin Ramirez KM40Z had contacted the club in February. Rol Anders K3RA, Jim Smith AB3CA, and Heru Walmsley W3WVV met him for his museum visit on Feb 18.

(b) E-mail from Ms. Brown, daughter of WA6JZW(sk) re old equipment
John Paul AA3WI will forward the message to the club and several members volunteered to follow up.

(c) Paper work issues related to club name change -- Jim Nowotarski, N3GOO
With the name change of the club to ARCNEM, the Club Rules and Regulations (i.e., Constitution and By-Laws) need to be updated.
Jim Nowotarski, N3GOO presented a draft of proposed changes in February and members commented but no further progress has been made.

(d) New Logo for the Club
The club needs a new logo and a new banner now that the name has changed.
Chip W4PBG presented some ideas incorporating the museum logo. Ulis K3LU and Laurie KB3ORF have also discussed this and will present Ulis’ concept at the next meeting.

(a) Old information online for W3GR, W3HEM
* Old information is online at QRZ.com. We think for QRZ.com, Nick K3NY has control of the profile for W3GR, and Jim N3GOO has control for W3HEM. Jim will edit the W3HEM information so that it is current.
* Club information displayed online on FCC licenses was also discussed and the consensus was that we may not want to edit the W3GR or W3HEM licenses but that the K3NEM license should accurately reflect the club name. Rol Anders K3RA will need to update this.

(b) Possible certificate for using WWII equipment on the air
Chip Weems W4PBG suggests that the club offer a certificate or award for using WWII equipment on the air for a certain number of contacts.
To get this started it was suggested that we could combine this with a regular event such as D-Day special event and send a special certificate for using WWII equipment to contact us.

* Gary Mauler WB3CGE requested help in organizing a Radio Merit Badge event on Saturday, 28 MAR 09.  
* Robot Fest (www.robotfest.com) will be held at the museum on April 25th and help is needed.

Next regular meeting: Thursday 9 April 2009 at 6:00 p.m. local time.

Respectfully submitted, Laurie Knaack, KB3ORF

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