Minutes from "Club Meeting - June 11" on 06/11/2009 - 18:00

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Club Meeting - June 11 from 06/11/2009 - 18:00 to 06/11/2009 - 18:00

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K3NEM -- W3HEM -- W3GR
Amateur Radio Club of the National Electronics Museum
of the
11 June 2009
Monthly Meeting

Meeting was called to order at 6:02 p.m. by club President John Paul Howell.


AA3FB Chuck Angel
AA3WI John Paul Howell
AI3Z Fred Heath
K3FQP Bob Gardenghi
K3LU Ulis Fleming
K3RA Rol Anders
K3YH Tom Christovich
KB3GSA Jim Dressler
KB3NHQ Tom Dalton
KB3ORF Laurie Knaack
N3GOO Jim Nowotarski
NG3O Bill Corley
W3DTN Gary Hendrickson
W3WVV Heru Walmsley
W4PBG Chip Weems
WA2DRY Zack Goldstein
WT3B Bill Thompson

The minutes from the 09 April 2009 meeting were approved as amended (to correct typo of club net worth to $1438).

(a) Treasurer's Report -- Fred Heath, AI3Z
The club has a bank balance of $1337.39 plus cash on hand of $109.71 for net worth of $1447.10; no outstanding debts.
(b) Station Equipment and Operation Reports

i. W2W Recap
Ulis reports from his operation Saturday that the problem with the Yaesu FT-920 was evident. Power line noise was an issue.
Sunday: Jim N3GOO tried to work us from PA and could not hear us (only people replying to us). Rol, Fred and John Paul mentioned working at the station on Sunday.
A suggested plan for power line noise is that club could “pass around” the 1x1 call (1 or more persons operate from home during hours museum not open) to avoid power line noise or to continue for more hours. We could discuss this idea in the fall prior to D-Day event in December.

ii. Northrop Grumman Family Net, Weds 3pm – Chip W4PBG / Bob K3FQP
Experienced little to no line noise here on Wednesdays last 2 weeks.
Would welcome more people checking in with the net or dropping by the museum to visit/chat at the time the net is scheduled.

iii. Monthly Power Line Noise Report
Rol contacted Public Service Commission again recently asking for status as BGE promised scheduled work has not been completed/has not resolved noises. Request was placed w/PSC Sept 2008, initially.
The sense of the club is that if the problem is not resolved by Sept 09, a year from our request, we need to contact FCC.

iv. Station Equipment Issues, if any
Problems with our Yaesu FT-920:
Chip will check Bob K3FQP out on the Ten-Tech so Gary W3DTN can take home the FT-920 tonight. Gary expects to have the Yaesu out for 2-3 weeks.

(d) QSL Report / FISTS Report -- Nick K3NY (not present)
A visitor left a card at our station (Mike Willis, G0MJW).
Rol suggests occasionally checking the logs at the station (not main museum log, but station log) and sending club QSL card, possibly museum info.

(e) Training Report -- Rol Anders, K3RA
June 2 exam was held and 13 people passed exam (100% pass rate, all technician level) - some were walk-ins.
Motion passed to send an invitation to all 13 persons who passed the tech exam to join ARCNEM free for 2009.

(a) New Logo for the Club
Club board will choose a logo.
Chuck Angel will find out cost of updating old or getting new banner.

(b) Hamfests
Further discussion about attending Berryville hamfest http://www.svarc.us/hamfest/ on Aug 2 will follow next meeting.

(c) Rules and Regulations update
The most recent update by Jim N3GOO, including reconciled feedback, to be voted on next meeting, is posted at: http://k3nem.org/node/63
Motion passed to have no more input into rules/regs after tonight.

(d) Disposition of items from Hallicrafters & Heathkits exhibit
Some club items were in exhibit. Some are in good condition, no current use by club; museum could perhaps make good use of items. Items include Hallicrafters sx-28, SX-17, sb-300.

A motion to allow Chip Weems W4PBG to have museum acquisitions committee review items for possible selection was tabled.
Club is concerned about whether the items in question are equipment we would like to operate, and if so, whether we would be able to operate the items again if donated.

Gary Ryan has a gap that he would like to donate to the club for parts.

Chuck Angel is looking for short pieces of fiber optic (not communications, just for transmitting light) - Fred AI3Z offered scraps.

Field Day is 2pm June 27 Saturday to 2pm June 28 Sunday, Gary Mauler’s property, 7553 Wigley Ave Jessup MD 20794.

Next regular meeting: Thursday 09 July 2009 at 6:00 p.m. local time.

Respectfully submitted, Laurie Knaack, KB3ORF

*** Visit ARCNEM on the Web at http://k3nem.org ***

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