Net Details

Wednesday Northrop Grumman Family Net

  • 14.270 MHz +/-5 KHz
  • Wednesdays Noon Pacific
  • K3NEM is net control
  • Net for NGC or heritage employees and retirees
  • Additional checkins welcome

This net was created for communication between club stations at Northrop Grumman facilities and communication between employees and retirees of NGC or any of the companies now incorporated in NGC, including Litton Ships, Westinghouse, TRW, Norden, North American Aviation, Hallicrafters, etc. Checking in is welcome from any amateur. The net is normally coordinated and reported by W4PBG who will add any interested person to the weekly report upon request.

Northrop Grumman Family Amateur Radio Network - facility and point of contact

  • B-2 Division (Greg Lane, K7SDW)
  • Belcamp (Rich Ashburn, WA3SKQ; Tom Pickett, KA7RRM)
  • Century City (Carl Oliver, AC6HX)
  • El Segundo (Steve Leong, KC6IJM)
  • ex-Litton Colorado Springs (Bob Antion, WL7RV)
  • ex-Litton DSD Agoura (Jay Manahan, K2RPA)
  • ex-Litton GCS (Michael J. Tweedy)
  • ex-Litton TASC (Todd Mitchell, KD4LTB)
  • ex-Litton Williamsport (Steve Bonnell, WA3KPI)
  • ex-TRW San Diego (Hermi Asuncion, W6HMA)
  • Grumman Amateur Radio Club WA2LQO Bethpage, LI (Pat Masterson, KE2LJ)
  • Hawthorne (Denis Despins, KC6TRW; Dick Mirko, K6HRT)
  • ARC of the National Electronics Museum, K3NEM (W3HEM) Baltimore (Rol Anders, K3RA; Les Jamison, WR3X)
  • LITEF, Freiburg, Germany (Franz, DB9ZB)
  • Litton Amateur Radio Society,WA6AQQ, Woodland Hills (Jim Leighty, W6UJX)
  • Northrop Grumman Emergency Communication Team Azusa W6NGC (Michael Smith, AB6OS)
  • Northrop Grumman Ship Systems Avondale (Bob, WD5BJW)
  • Rolling Meadows (Bill McConnel, N9US)
  • Salt Lake City (Bob Kaefer, K7EWC)
  • San Pedro (Tom Gemmell, KF6DEJ)
  • Space Park Employees' Association (SEA) Amateur Radio Club, W6TRW Redondo Beach (Rod Scott, KE6PI)
  • Space Technology (J. Thorpe, Richard Gentz)

See Henry Tuning Chart

Wednesday Evening 2M EM-C Net

  • 146.76 MHz (WA3DZD repeater)
  • Wednesdays 1930 Eastern
  • Net Control varies (see schedule)

This is an open net for the Baltimore - D.C. metro area. It is conducted in a
Q&A format with a weekly topic facilitated by the week's NCS. Participants are
welcome to bring their own questions about amateur radio or electronics history
to the discussion. Our objective is to promote camaraderie among ARCNEM members and local hams while sharing knowledge about amateur radio and its history.

2M EM-C Net point of contact:

  • Baltimore (Ted Bauer, WA3AER)

Backup Repeater Protocol
CARA will help the Amateur Radio Club of the National Electronics Museum
by allowing use of any of the CARA repeaters (2 VHF, 2 UHF) as a backup
to the repeater the Museum usually uses on Wednesday evenings with the provision that a Museum representative (typically the NCS for the date affected) make contact with one of the following CARA representatives prior to the requested use to confirm availability of a specific CARA repeater for a specific date and time:

2M NCS Script : see the attached PDF file

K3NEM Net Control Script WA3AER modified_20110812.pdf55.03 KB